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Family Law and Divorce


We will assist you in negotiating a separation agreement, co-habitation agreement or marriage contract and prepare the agreement or contract on your behalf. We will also act on your behalf in obtaining a divorce and in any other legal proceedings.











Our fees on Family Law matters are based on time spent, results achieved, and the value of our services to the client.


We charge $185.00 for an initial half-hour consultation.


We encourage you to use a mediator to resolve family law issues provided that you receive legal advice beforehand and have access to independent legal advice throughout the mediation process to ensure that any decision you make is a fully informed decision.




People who have recently separated or divorced should be aware that:


a) a separation agreement does NOT revoke or cancel a bequest or gift to a spouse in a Will;


b) a divorce does revoke or cancel a bequest or gift to a spouse in a Will.