More & McLeod, Barristers & Solicitors

New Home Purchases 


We guarantee the best price and the best service on new home purchases.



Our Legal Fee:


Contact us for an accurate quote that is guaranteed. 


Our Services:


- Review of your Agreement of Purchase and Sale


- All legal work related to your Mortgage including obtaining Mortgage funds and the preparation and registration of

   your Mortgage


- All legal work related to your receipt of the Land Transfer Tax Rebate


- Review of any legal documents that you are required to sign at any stage of your purchase


- Explanation of Tarion Warranty


- Registration of your Deed and Mortgage


- Reporting to you and your Mortgage lender


- All follow up work required after closing


- Free review of your Will and Power of Attorney





We require no payment until the closing of your purchase.



Home Sales


We provide a full range of legal services to assist you in selling your home quickly and inexpensively.


You may wish to use a realtor to sell your home to avail yourself of their experience and expertise.


You may wish to sell your home yourself with our assistance.


We have over 25 years experience in handling the sales of residential properties.


Contact us for any information you need in selling your home.

We provide you with an accurate quote for our services that is guaranteed.